Felix Harle

Felix Harle


Visualization Engineer & Product Designer in Berlin • Selected projects across work & study


Portfolio at PP IT–Systeme

With Portfolio, Urbyo aims is to provide a space where users can get a clear overview of their holdings, track real estate net worth, assess risks but also opportunities and get informed about optimization strategies.

If successful, it should translate into increased traffic to Urbyo's key existing features – the marketplace and mortgage offerings – and strengthen the brand as the go to place for all things real estate by increasingly becoming an app that is very frequently checked, like a broker wallet.

User journeys • UI-design • High fidelity react prototype

Visualizations & Research

Small selection of client visualization and research work • Shown from left: Candle design expressing many more parameters than price alone (custom color scheme, shapes) and a heatmap for additional parameters (Screen 1); a study using similar candles with additional channels and an oscillator at the bottom that indicates pivots (Screen 2); an experimental visualization of on-chain data (Screen 3)


Visually explore electric car battery range, choose chargers, project effect of charging on the range and plan trips (interactive UI-prototype running on iPad)


Browse Theodor Fontane's notes and marginalia throughout his personal library of books (UI-concept and prototype in collaboration with the Theodor Fontane Archive Potsdam and University of Potsdam)